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Tigo 3.5G Modem

Published: 31/03/2011 by Tigo in Submitted Articles

Tigo 3.5G Modem

How to activate: Navigate the internet using our 3.5G connection, access your mails, connect with friends, get information... 24h/24h

New dish at KhanaKazana!

Try our new delicious dish now at Khana Khazana

Bolivian journalist Fernando Vidal set alight on air

A Bolivian radio journalist has been attacked by unidentified assailants while he was conducting a radio show in the southern city of Yacuiba.

Urukingo ruburizamo kunywa itabi rushobora kuba rwabonetse!

Itabi ni ikintu gihangayikishije ubuzima bw'abatuye isi dore ko rifite uruhare mu kwangiza no gutera indwara zinyuranye bigatuma n'ishami ry'umuryango w'abibumbye ryita ku buzima WHO (World Health Organization) rihora rikangurira bantu kugabanya ubur

WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Mocks Media In 'SNL' Promos

Barring anything unexpected, Lindsay Lohan will host "Saturday Night Live" for the fourth time this weekend, with musical guest rocker Jack White.

Coffee Shop Business

Thinking of Opening a Coffee Shop Business?

Kigali City Tower

It is safe to say that Kigali City Tower, like most unique discoveries in history, owes its existence to sheer serendipity.

Haiti UN rape: Alleged victim in Uruguay court

A 19-year-old Haitian man who says he was sexually assaulted by five Uruguayan peacekeepers in Haiti has appeared before a judge in Uruguay.

Improving Africa’s governance, before it’s too late

The ongoing agitation in Africa triggered by the “Arab Spring” demonstrates yet again the importance of good political and economic governance for the continent’s development.

Abogosha ibitsike hari ibyo bakwiye kwitondera

Abogosha ibitsike hari ibyo bakwiye kwitondera. Abagore n’abakobwa bakunze kogosha ibitsike (sourcils/eyebrows), ndetse rimwe na rimwe ugasanga aho buri wese yogoshe ahasiga ibara rihwanye n’ibyo yifuza, baragirwa inama.

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