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Minister Binagwaho commends women for health promotion

Minister Binagwaho commends women for health promotion

Published: 29/05/2012 Article Author: KigaliKonnect.com Staff

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women in Gicumbi for their role in promoting health citing that they should continue to advance initiatives that spearhead the country’s development process.



Dr. Binagwaho made these remarks during the International Women’s’ Day celebrations that were held in Gicumbi, Rutare.


At National level the celebrations were held in Kayonza district.



As part of the celebration activities, the Health Minister delivered cows to people from poor households through the government’s initiative dubbed, “One cow per family.” She also commended women who actively showcased their economic achievements by officially handing over mattresses and iron sheets that were bought using pooled resources in their respective cooperatives.



“I would like to thank the women in this district for being exemplary citizens who have not only uplifted themselves from poverty but have also shown great progress in health promotion by establishing kitchen gardens which eliminate malnutrition as well as promote good hygiene in their areas,” she said.



Gicumbi Mayor, Bonane Nyangezi also added that indeed many women have managed to open bank accounts in cooperatives and improved their livelihoods as well as those of their families.



Under the theme, “Empowering Women and Girls to sustain families,” this year’s International Womens’ Day celebrations will be a month long event that will involve activities such as evening meetings for women to share ideas and agree on ways of partaking in family promotion.



One of the women in this district, Amesita Mukandekezi, 50, said that women no longer look up to their husbands for clothes and other essential needs.



“Many of us are farmers now own bank accounts. We have learnt to save money and take care of our own needs. We are very grateful for a government and President who value the needs of the local people. Today we are confident enough to take up different leadership positions in all arenas thus accomplishing our dreams," she said.


Thousands attended the celebrations and vowed to achieve more as the years go by.



SOURCE: Moh.gov.rw