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Le concours des plus belles fesses face aux municipales au Brésil

Le concours des plus belles fesses face aux municipales au Brésil

Published: 02/10/2012 Article Author: KigaliKonnect.com Staff

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Municipal elections in Brazil, the first round will be held Sunday, will face stiff competition from the internet launch of "Miss Bumbum", a contest to elect the most beautiful fall kidneys in this country of 194 million people.Twenty-seven candidates, one for each of the federal states, are vying for the tournament during which users will select the 15 finalists who will participate in the grand finale televised November 30 in Sao Paulo.The "bumbum" as the


Brazilians denominate the posterior of women is an important and symbolic of Brazilian culture and carnival, where the samba, the national dance, is to stir frantically buttocks."I think the tropical climate, the carnival and all racial mixture gives Brazilian women biotype unique," said Cacau Oliver, organizer of the competition launched last year."The bumbum + + is the Brazilian part of the body that everyone admires, and this contest proves."People should vote on the official site and select their glutes "natural" favorites, silicone buttocks is prohibited.


These are the organizers designate three winners. Also ensured the glory, the winner will receive $ 2,500, the runner-up 1500 and the third 1000.The first stage of the competition takes place on Sunday, the day when 140 million Brazilians go to the polls to elect mayors and councilors of more than 5,000 municipalities.

SOURCE: 7sur7.be