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Holidays in Somalia? Mogadishu hopes to be tourist hotspot

Bashir Osman moves hurriedly along a white sandy beachfront, giving instructions to a driver operating a bulldozer.

10 purr-fect vacations for cat lovers

These quirky museums, theme parks and circus acts feed our collective cat obsession.

Kenya: Tourists sight rare turtle hatchings

Tourists, hotel staff and conservationists got a rare surprise when 88 sea turtle hatchlings were released into the open sea at the scenic Mombasa Serena Beach Resort and Spa on Sunday.

Infrastructure investment key to Lebanon’s meetings and events sector

GIBTM 2013 road show to wrap up in Beirut as government and tourism leaders meet to discuss ways to capitalise on the country’s international appeal. Entitled ‘GIBTM Talks: Maximising your ROI’, the road show will commence on 14th October in Muscat

Uganda: High Court saves treasury sh40b

The commercial division of the High Court has thrown out a case for which a Canadian group, Uganda Gold Mining, sought to block the ongoing sale of the Kilembe Copper Mines.

Croatia’s adventurous heart

Less than 20 years ago, the fledgling nation of Croatia was in the throes of the bitter Croatian War of Independence as it declared

Uganda named top tourist destination

Uganda is among the top 20 global tourism destinations in the year 2013, according to the National Geographic. The National Geographic is an international travel channel affiliated to the National Geograpic Society.

KTB swoops in to shore up Lamu’s flagging image

The Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) has unveiled an ambitious programme aimed at boosting the number of tourists visiting the Lamu archipelago.

Four great Christmas markets outside Germany

From Christmas trees to gingerbread, German culture has long been a major contributor to today’s widely celebrated winter traditions

11 coolest towns in the Philippines

As in, literally cool. The Philippines isn't just for bikinis -- cold weather attire is sometimes required

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