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Eva Longoria nue : elle dévoile son corps pour Jork Weismann

Eva Longoria nue : elle dévoile son corps pour Jork Weismann

Published: 25/09/2012 Article Author: KigaliKonnect.com Staff

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The beautiful actress Eva Longoria has asked U.S. completely naked on the occasion of an art book Jork Weismann in which celebrities and supermodels pose as sleeping on a bed of the famous Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

Key location for many Hollywood stars, the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles in the United States, hosted a very special photo shoot recently. Fashion photographer Jork Weismann has been asked several celebrities and models as if they were asleep on a bed, all in order to achieve an art book, titled "Asleep at the Castle" ("Sleeping in the Castle") . On this occasion, the American actress Eva Longoria did not hesitate to pose nude lying in a bed, a white sheet covering just the bottom of her legs.

With this shot very sensual, ex Tony Parker thus revealed to the world her curves back since laying eyes closed, revealing her buttocks and two tattoos placed in the fall of kidney ... Note that according to the Daily Mail, which reveals the photo, the old heroine of "Desperate Housewives," now aged 37, is accompanied by the book Art Jork Weismann by Orlando Bloom, Justin Theroux or Usher.

SOURCE: 7sur7.be