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Authorities to ban menacing 'Boda-bodas' downtown

Authorities to ban menacing 'Boda-bodas' downtown

Published: 21/05/2012 Article Author: KigaliKonnect.com Staff

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Arusha urban Authorities plan to ban Motorcycles working as passenger carriers from operating within the City Center.


The Municipal Engineer Mr Afwilile Lamsy said the two-wheeled motorcycles known locally as ‘Boda-boda’ and the three-wheeled ones (Bajajs) will be cleared from the central business district (CBD) in the latest efforts to put the town planning back on tracks.

“The operators of ‘Boda-boda’ and ‘Bajaj’ will be required to vacate the town and serve the outskirts of the city as well as the rural areas,” stated Eng Lamsy, pointing out that the move was to restore order in town precisely through the reduction of traffic and congestion.

Already other cities, like Dar-es-salaam, have succeeded in clearing the noisy and menacing motorcycles from their Central Business Districts a move that has helped to restore order along the town roads.

Also to be cleared from the town roads are lorries and other large trucks that of late have been causing inconveniences along the streets along which they are usually parked to load or offload goods.

The Municipal Engineer revealed that the Arusha CBD vicinity within which the motorbikes will not be allowed to venture into, lies between the Simeon road and Impala roundabout of Kijenge to the Nairobi Villa road in Ngarenaro.

The Regional Commissioner, Mr Magessa Mulongo, said the large trucks are especially a nuisance in town and major causes of road accidents by obstructing traffic and blocking passages.

The council, on the other hand will come up with alternative routes and service areas outside the town where the motorcycles will be operating after they are sent out of town.

The Municipal Engineer also explained that the council was working to identify and earmark areas outside the city where the large trucks, lorries and other heavy commercial vehicles will be docking.

“Large vehcles will not be allowed to enter the town and those that will do are set to be heavily penalized,” said the City Engineer adding that even up-country passenger buses will be placed under plans to have them pick and drop their passengers  in terminals built outside the city.

The Tanzania Roads Network Agency’s Arusha Regional Manager Eng Desdedit Kakoko on the other hand, said his office already had plans to clear motorcycles and lorries from the roads under TANROADS’ management.


SOURCE: Staff Reporter