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The superministry Karim Wade included Cooperation, Infrastructure and Energy. © AFP

The superministry Karim Wade included Cooperation, Infrastructure and Energy. © AFP

Affaire des audits : l'ancien ministre sénégalais Karim Wade entendu par la gendarmerie

Published: 04/07/2012 Article Author: KigaliKonnect.com Staff

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Karim Wade was heard, Tuesday, July 3, in a police station in Dakar. The son of former Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade was questioned for over two hours as part of an inquiry into his handling of public money, when he was Minister of International Cooperation, Air Transport, Infrastructure and of Energy.



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Karim Wade, the former minister and son of former Senegalese president, Abdoulaye Wade, was summoned, Tuesday, June 3, by the gendarmerie Colobane, a district of Dakar, told AFP a member of its entourage. Former "Minister of Heaven and Earth" as its opponents nicknamed him, is much criticized for his handling of public funds while he was in charge of the portfolios of International Cooperation, Air Transport, the Infrastructure and Energy.



He was questioned for more than two hours before leaving the premises of the Research section of the police without making any statement. For now, it is unclear whether charges were brought against him or not.



Besides his post as minister, Karim Wade had also held several positions including head of the National Agency of the Organization of Islamic Conference (ANOCI), responsible for major projects including the construction of hotels, roads and interchanges, for the summit organized by the OIC in Dakar in March 2008.



Pape Diop Ousmane Ngom and also agreed

As part of "audits", launched by President Macky Sall, several representatives of the former regime had been previously heard by the authorities, including former Interior Minister Ousmane Ngom, Pape Diop or, which is at the head of the Senate and is a dissident of the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS), the formation of President Wade.



At least three former executives of public companies have been detained following investigations triggered by the new power in Senegal.

SOURCE: Jeuneafrique.com